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Logo animation

Bring your logo to life.

We will animate your existing logo and give it the wow effect you need.

Make your look impressive, make your mail signature unique, give your presentation a twist and everywhere your logo will appear it will draw attention.

Animation can be 3D or not and it is 100% personalized.

Switch barosh logo
Switch barosh animated logo
Dzine-Me logo
Dzine-Me animated logo
Cafe Heavenly animated logo
NalaMode logo
NalaMode animated logo
Maor animated logo
Maor logo
Proventus animated logo
Proventus logo
Connect Benefits animated logo

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Dzine-me Graphic design studio


DZINE ME is a creative design studio which provides all design solutions - Web & Print.

Designing Logos, business cards, Flyers, Folders, Menus and much more.

Designing & building websites, Landing pages, Facebook pages design & maintenance.

Designing for print
Website design, Wix Expert
Full Branding service





Every business needs an identiy. We build the whole design concept for your new or existing business. The Business Logo, Slogan and color language.

Business cards, office papers, flyers, folders, rollups, indoor/outdoor signs, stickers, all kind of invitations and everything you can possibly print.

Designing websites, online stores, landing pages, designing, managing and maintaining facebook pages and more.

We do all Graphic design related products to customers all over the globe.

Our designs are clean and sleek, updated and unique.

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