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Adapt your business to 2020

2020 - The year of Covid-19:

2020 is the Covid-19 year. This year we faced something we never faced before. The biggest pandemic in the digital age.

It took hundred of thousands of lives all around the world, many still fighting for their lives and many others are still suffer from its effects.

This pandemic didn't only effect our health. Many governments around the world tried and still trying to fight it by lockdowns which effect all economies.

The financial effect:

Because of the lockdowns, people can't go to work, can't open their shops while still paying all bills, mortgage and loans.

This sad situation causes many people to close their businesses and try to find other alternatives to provide food and shelter for their families. Some completely change their occupation and some try to adapt to the situation.

How to adapt:

Because of Covid-19, people stay much more at home. In many cases people are not allowed to meet other people and in other cases, people are just afraid to go outside and risk getting infected.

We can see a lot more people working from home, making major changes in their lives to survive this era.

When people stay home, they don't go to physical stores and most of the shopping is online. Clothes, home appliances, Food, pharmacy and much more.

That's why every business should make a long term plan to ensure it's survival by making itself available for online users.

We cross our fingers for the new vaccine and hope Covid-19 will be a thing of the past ASAP!!

Contact us for consultation on how you can move forward and make yourself available online or upgrade your present website.

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