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The importance of a Logo

Why is a logo that important?

Every company needs branding. A unique visual identity. (Read about it)

The Logo is the cornerstone of it all.

Your goal is to make yourself / your business memorable. The logo can be everywhere and doesn't need a description following it. It stands by it's own and makes you noticeable.

Sometimes all you have is only few seconds before your potential customers are moving on. You have to "tell" them about your business - what is your service or what do you sell in the most efficient and simple way.

In our world, especially the modern world, the looks means almost everything. People are drawn to interesting and attractive designs. The logo catches the eye and sometimes makes people also think. by doing that it grabs their attention and increase

the chance to sell your product.

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Dzine-me Graphic design studio


DZINE ME is a creative design studio which provides all design solutions - Web & Print.

Designing Logos, business cards, Flyers, Folders, Menus and much more.

Designing & building websites, Landing pages, Facebook pages design & maintenance.

Designing for print
Website design, Wix Expert
Full Branding service





Every business needs an identiy. We build the whole design concept for your new or existing business. The Business Logo, Slogan and color language.

Business cards, office papers, flyers, folders, rollups, indoor/outdoor signs, stickers, all kind of invitations and everything you can possibly print.

Designing websites, online stores, landing pages, designing, managing and maintaining facebook pages and more.

We do all Graphic design related products to customers all over the globe.

Our designs are clean and sleek, updated and unique.

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